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The goal of Missionary Helpers is to try and help provide the necessary tools needed to proclaim the Saving Grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to a lost and dieing world.

Missionary Helpers works as a Clearing House by providing organization, churches, ministries and individuals interested in helping to provide the tools and or the funds to procure them with individuals, ministries, and missionaries that are in need.

If you are in need of assistance we at Missionary Helpers cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide the help you are requesting but we will promise, to do our best once you or your ministry has been approved by our advisory board, to locate as many interested parties as it will take to do so, and we will most of all place you on as many prayer lists as we have access to.

Please fill in all of the fields in the form below being as detailed as possable. Click here for a sample Statement of Faith, the one that you provide does not have to be as complete, but must at least cover your beliefs on salvation, the Godhead, and your stand on the Bible. As in all things, we prefer that you provide your personal testimony, statement of faith, description of your mission or ministry, and your request as detailed as possible. If we have any further questions, we will contact you as soon as possible. Please allow at least seven to ten days for initial contact.

Missionary Helper is a ministry of Moody Family Ministries. To view all of our ministries, please visit our website by clicking here or on the logo above.

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