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As we strive to serve our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the ones that we seek to Help often need more supplies than we are financially able to provide. If you find yourself asking how you can help, we ask that you look at the opportunities available for you to Help Missionaries by sponsoring our varied projects.

Please help us pray for missionaries and their needs!

“But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” — Philippians 4:19

Tracts, Tracts, Tracts, and more Tracts

We would like to take a moment and introduce you to the "42nd Street Soul Saving Station" it is the ministry of the King James Bible Baptist Church in the Bronx, NY. It is located in the Time Square subway station, New York´s busiest subway station. This station averages over 68,000,000 passengers a year.

Here is their information:

God has given Pastor Brian Kelly and his church an amazing place to witness at one of the main crossroads of the world: the New York 42nd street, Times Square subway station by the number 7 train. The thousands of people per hour who use that station are greeted by a banner that asks: "WHERE WILL YOU SPEND ETERNITY?" They also cannot miss the 100 scripture signs along the wall and the tables of tracts in dozens of languages. They are able to browse until they find something that catches their interest.

Members of Pastor Kelly´s church, King James Bible Baptist Church, along with his wife, Rose, have staffed the outreach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, since January 2007. They will go through 100,000 tracts in a couple of months. Over two million have been given out since the beginning, including over 300,000 Chick tracts. Many KJV Bibles and New Testaments have also been distributed.

Many people will pause in their haste to catch the trains to scan the display. Pastor Kelly has file cards in front of some of the rack pockets stating the language in that pocket. Non-English speakers are delighted to find something in their native tongue and will read it avidly. Over 1000 tracts go out every day in languages other than English. For some, this is the first time they have heard the gospel. Pastor Kelly remembers one Finnish woman who broke into tears after reading the tract, "Somebody Loves Me". Early in the morning, thousands of Mexican people come through, going to work. One whole rack is devoted to Spanish language tracts and it gets a lot of attention that time of day.

Many come back to ask questions about the Bible or tell them that they prayed the prayer in the tract. Every day someone is prayed with to accept Christ. Some days several will make a commitment to the Lord. Each tract has follow-up information on the back page with a phone number. Some call with questions and often are led to pray for salvation.

They have found favor with the Transit Authority officials and police who see them as a quieting effect on the crowds.

People who are going to the Shea Stadium are given "The Slugger" and "The Super Star". Those headed for the airport get "Flight 144" and "The Long Trip". He also keeps "Caught" and "The Outcast" to give to pornographers and prostitutes. Homosexuals get "Sin City" and "Doom Town". People just out of jail get "Gunslinger" and "Execution".

Besides the language variety, every possible religion is represented in the crowds. Roman Catholics, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Jews, all stop by the displays and look for something that will speak to them. Kelly tries to see that no one leaves without a tract. For a small church of less than a dozen people, this amazing outreach is square in the middle of an awesome mission field. Only eternity will reveal the impact.

Of course, Pastor Kelly can use all the help he can get. Sometimes he and his wife, will man the display for more than a night and a day. Other churches help. One is True Vine Baptist Church in Norfolk, Virginia, pastored by David Gibson. Many others have donated tracts and literature.

We are currently collecting Chick Tracts to send to him. If your Church uses Chick Tracts and have any quantity that you might be able to send to him, please let us know. It does not matte, "there never seems to be enough tracts, just recently we were given the chance to expand out outreach but we need more tracts, tract racks, scripture signs and Bibles", says Bro. Kelly. He also stated that "if the tracts are imprinted with a Church, that is fine it gives the church more exposure, they will still be used." If you do not have any tract and would like to purchase some in their behalf please either go to their website http://www.kjbbcny.org, where you will find PayPal links for donations or log on to our site http://www.theprintedword.org and make arrangements to buy some for them.

Just a much as they need the tracts to pass out they need your prayers much, much, more!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

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